When $US1000 is contributed to The Rotary Foundation, a request can be made for an individual to be recognised as a Paul Harris Fellow; that person can be a Rotarian or a member of the community who is not a Rotarian.

When a person is recognised as a Paul Harris Fellow, they are presented with a Certificate signed by the Rotary International President and the Chairman of the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation, and a lapel pin and medallion. The contribution to The Rotary Foundation can be made in one sum or by cumulative giving over a number of years. Individuals can make a personal contribution or the contribution can be from a club, a company or business.

Rotary Club of Southen Districts

Paul Harris Fellows

PP Albert Allen (dec'd)
Phillip Anthony  
 Lorraine Archibald  
PP Ian Archibald (multiple)
 Annaliese Arndt  
Prue Ashurst  
Helen Balding  
Sandra Baraiolo  
PP Bevan Baskerville  
 Tom Bateman (dec'd)
Tom  Bateman  
Prof Lyn Beazley  
PP Howard Benger (dec'd)
Howard Benger  
 Guenter Best  
 Lorraine Blowes (dec'd)
PP Ron Blowes (dec'd)
 Wilhelm Bohmer  
 Heather Bowler  
 John Bowler  
PP Cyril Box  
Ron Bradborn  
PP Ron Bradock (multiple)
 Donald Brennan  
 Warren Brook  
PP Wayne Brouwer  
 Bet Buddee (dec'd)
pp Paul Buddee (dec'd)
 June Bunce  
 Ted Bunce  
 Grant Buxton  
 Denis Claughton  
 Andy Cole  
PDG Ken Collins (multiple)
 Jannet Coniglio  
PP Les Cooper  
PDG Phil Cordery (multiple)
PP Robert Da Prato  
Joe D'Argone  
Arnie De Jong  
PP Richard De Kleer  
pp John Dickson (dec'd)
PP Anita Diep  
Lloyd Dungey  
pp Iain Esslemont  
 Ted Evans (Multiple)
Ross Evans  
 Alf Fernihough  
PP David Fleming  
Dr Penny Flett  
pp Gary Flynn  
PP Cheryl Gay  
 Mark Geary  
Graham Goldsmith  
 Robin Gordon  
 Drina Gray  
PP John Gray (multiple)
 Tommy Greenwood  
PP Dawn Gregson  
 Hans Groot  
PP Phil Hall  
 Gordon Hamilton  
 Jenny Hamilton  
 Richard Hammersley  
 Robert Hansen  
 John Harwood  
PP Peter Healy  
 Bernard Hoey  
PP Colin Hollands  
 Tony Holmes  
Tony Holmes  
 Jeannie Hook  
PP Warren Hook (multiple)
PP Andy Hopper  
PP John Hosking  
 Joy How  
PP Tony Italiano (multiple)
 Verity James  
Tessa  Jupp  
 PDG  Frank Keays (multiple)
 Sylvia Keays  
 Perry Kelly  
 Nancy Kilkenny  
Don King  
PP Barry Kirby  
 Sue Kucera  
PP Bob Kucera  
 Jennifer Lawrence  
Beverley Maloney  
 Dom Manno  
PP Kevin Mavric  
PP Clive McCabe  
 Stewart McDonald (dec'd)
 Valis McDonald  
PP Ric McDonald (multiple)
PP Robert McDonald  
 Lesley Needs  
 Maggie Nolan  
 Bernie O'Dea  
 Zaneta Onasz  
 Rob Pannell  
PP Doug Parker (multiple)
Tessa  Passmore  
 Tracey Pember  
Phillip Petersen  
 Harry Postma  
PP Lew Pritchard  
 Pauline Prosser  
pp Christine Ralph  
PP Mike Raspa  
 Elisabeth Rechichi  
PP Don Rechichi (multiple)
PP John Rechichi  
 Helen Redman  
PP Thelma Redman  
 Eliazar Rose  
 Bob Rutherford  
PP George Sheardown  
PP John Simpson (multiple)(dec’d)
 Beth Sloan  
PDG Ron Sloan (multiple)
Beth Sloan  
 Lois Smith  
 Wendy Smith  
PP Ray Smith (multiple)
PDG Jodie Sparks (multiple)
PP John Stockbridge  
PP Richard Swanborough  
PP Ken Syme  
PP Barry Tillman (multiple)
 Joe Tod  
 Pat Tod  
 Nick Vitilich  
PP Colin Waters (multiple)
 Gary Whiteley  
 Phillip Williams  
PP Geoff Wiltshire  
 Gary Worthington  
 Bea Wrathall  
PDG Bill Wrathall (multiple)(dec’d)
 John Wyndham  
Georgia Young  
Margaret Young  
Michael Young  
PP Ed Ziere