Piara Waters Huntingtons Concept

Huntington’s Disease is a rare, inherited disease that progressively breaks dow the nerve cells in the brain resulting in death in 10 to 30 years from diagnosis. As the disease progresses it results in movement, thinking & psychiatric disorders. Eventually, the person needs help with all daily living activities & care. Late in the disease, the person will be confined to a bed and unable to speak. While medications reduce symptoms they can't prevent the physical, mental and behavioural decline associated with the condition.

Patients are usually between 20 & 40 years of age but they currently end up in aged care facilities because these are the only facilities that can provide the required level of care.

Brightwater are buildilng a dedicated facility being in Piara Waters that includes:

  • 21 bedrooms with ensuites over seven houses
  • Specialist assistive equipment and leading-edge technology.
  • A garden with zones for living, relaxing, engaging & socialising.

This provides a much better quality of life for for people suffering Huntington’s Disease and their family & friends.

Rotary Southern Districts provides:

  • $50K - Sponsorship for one house, and
  • $70K - Specialist assistive equipment & leading-edge technology.

Piara Waters Huntingtons Centre Whole ComplexPiara Waters Huntingtons Centre Whole Current Progress Oct 23