$3,000,000 raised over 40 years 


  • Bring’n’Buy founded in 1980, and over the last forty two years has raised over $3,000,000. An established event in the community it continues to be a major fundraiser for the club today.
  • 1980-1981. Operation Jobseeker which mobilised Apex, Jaycees, Kiwanis, Lions, Soroptimists and Rotary state wide to generate 806 young people in jobs.
  • First Probus Club in Western Australia started in 1982. There are now 106 clubs in WA with 6,315 members.
  • 1993-1994. The Employment Generator which culminated in a large public seminar and a mail-out to 30,000 Rotarians Australia wide.
  • 2000. Sponsorship of the International School based Police Officers Conference
  • The pathway along the Canning River between Olga Road and the Whitehouse on Nicholson Road.
  • Initial funding $30k for the development of the Aged Care Centre on Warton Road run by Brightwater
  • The initial funding $30K for Consultants report to present to council for development of the Tom Bateman reserve and Baseball Park.
  • The initial funding $50K for the development of the Thornlie Skate Park.
  • The Initial funding $30K for the establishment of the Gosnells Mens Shed.
  • Initial funding in conjunction with Rotary Belmont and Stan Perron for the establishment of the Perron Rotary Express Milk Bank
  • Initial funding of $30k for the establishment of the Saranna Child Care centre for Cyrenian House.
  • Bladder Scan unit ($18k) provided to Amaroo
  • Joint funding ($50k) with Prof Lyn Beazley of a PHD Scholar for Brightwater Brain Injured Facility at Oats Street.
  • Funding of $24K for the development of an informational web site for children of brain injured parents.