Club Committees

PRESIDENT  Julie Ninnis
Vice President  Ric mcDonald
President Elect Phil Cordroy
Admin/Club Service Phil Cordroy
Membership/Marketing John Stockbridge, Anita Diep
Program  Phil Cordery
Secretary Teresa Tay
Sergeant Various

Naomi Gren

(Meet every 2nd Tuesday in the month)
(Board meetings 3rd Tuesday in the month)
Director Michelle Kerr
Committee  Stephen Anthony
   Gordon Smith
   Ted Evans
   Kylie Brito
   Clive McCabe
International Service  
Director  Andy Hopper
Committee  Paterick Bartlet
   Dom Manno
   Carlton D'Souza
   Anita Diep
Club Service  
Director Phil Cordroy
Committee  Secretary Teresa Tay
   Treasurer Naomi Green
  John Stockbridge
  Rosters: Phil Cordery
   Program Officer: Phil Cordery
  Membership John Stockbridge
   Markets - John Rechechi
Youth Service  
Committee  Tracy Derman
   Murray Thorpe
   Ric McDonald
   Lloyd Dungey
Director   Sandy Baraiolo
Committee  Zanetta Onasz
   John Rechichi
   Grant Buxton
  Peter Sourivong
   Guenter Best
 Membership Sub-Committee  

John Stockbridge


Markets Sub-Committee

  John Rechechi -Chair
  Jodie Sparks- Marketing
  Lloyd Dungy-Logistics

Kylie Britto- Compliance

Andy Hopper

Julie Ninnis