Thanks from Dr. Peter Arthur

The email below was sent to PDG Phil by Dr. Peter Arthur thanking the club not only for the funding we provide through the Helen Hoskins Scholarship to the School of Molecular Sciences, but also for the opportunity for Zahra to be able to present on the achievements she had made.

Hello Phil,
I would like to thank you and the members of the Rotary Club of Southern Districts for your hospitality last week. Both Zahra and myself enjoyed the event and appreciated the wine (or beer Zahra’s case) and dinner.
I very much appreciate the opportunity that you gave Zahra through the Helen Hosking Scholarship. This scholarship is important because it gives students a chance to find out whether they are interested in pursuing a research career.
I would also like to thank the club for giving Zahra an opportunity to present. From my perspective, this was a valuable training opportunity for Zahra to develop good communication skills. Zahra found it challenging to put together a presentation that communicated what we are trying to do in clear and understandable way – we went through several versions. I hope you found Zahra’s presentation interesting.
Regards, Peter
Dr. Peter G. Arthur

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