Handicamp Buddy and RYLA attendee report back to the club

SDRC welcomed two guests to the club this week. Nila Bui was a buddy at this years Handicamp. Nila really enjoyed the whole week and says that she looks forward to doing it again next year and bringing her brother along.

Michelle Ho Yan Lav attended RYLA (sponosred by SDRC). She said it is the best thing she's ever done and is sure it has changed her life for the better.

Both of our guests with President. Tony, Murray Thorpe and Neville D'Vauz.

Nila Bui, our Handicamp buddy seen with Neville D'Vauz extolling the benefits of Handicap.

RYLA attendee Michelle Ho Yan Lav and her mother Anna who has come all the way from Malaysia to see Michelle presented with her RYLA certificate.


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