Family Night at SDRC

Left to Right: David Bartlett, Louise Hopper, Jill Dutt, Rennae Syme, Michelle Supper, Tayla McDonald, Luke Sanders and Host for the night Carlton D’Souza.

What a fabulous meeting we had. We were delighted to have seven Children and Grandchildren of members to talk about their relationship with their parent/grandparent.

All spoke with a passion about the good and funny things that they enjoy about their Dads, Granddads and Step Dads. Members and guest were delighted to hear things they did not know. Rennae Syme even had a slide show of photos.

Tayla McDonald, Ric and Alison’s granddaughter, thanked the club for sponsoring her for Short TermExchange…. Tayla is off to Osaka in Japan early in December 2018.

We feel that in a few weeks we should have some relatives along who aren't so gushing about their Rotarian parent/grandparent smiley

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