Handicamp Buddy and RYLA attendee report back to the club

SDRC welcomed two guests to the club this week. Nila Bui was a buddy at this years Handicamp. Nila really enjoyed the whole week and says that she looks forward to doing it again next year and bringing her brother along.

Michelle Ho Yan Lav attended RYLA (sponosred by SDRC). She said it is the best thing she's ever done and is sure it has changed her life for the better.

Both of our guests with President. Tony, Murray Thorpe and Neville D'Vauz.

Nila Bui, our Handicamp buddy seen with Neville D'Vauz extolling the benefits of Handicap.

RYLA attendee Michelle Ho Yan Lav and her mother Anna who has come all the way from Malaysia to see Michelle presented with her RYLA certificate.


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New Interact Club

Southern Districts Rotary Club is delighted to announce that we have established an Interact Club at Harrisdale Senior High School. 

The first meeting was held last Tuesday, with 20 Students attending.

Our congratulations to Marilyn Gregory for organising the club and to Nancy Kilkenny as Youth Director.

This is the first interact club that has been sponsored by Southern Districts Rotary.

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Ron Sloan Endeavour Scholarship Awards 2018

Another terrific evening with the awarding of several Ron Sloan Endeavour Scholarships to deserving students from Thornlie Senior High School and Thornlie Christian College. The Scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance to the students in the final year of high schools.

All the students spoke very well and judging by the achievements they have already made, our country is in very good hands.

Congratulations to you all.

The awardees were Rachel Hall and Lorenzo Miguel Carmelo Guiao from Thornlie Senior High School and Tyler Marlow and Hayley Bowling from Thornlie Christian College.

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How is technology use transforming our kids?

We were privileged last night to listen to a fascinating presentation from Professor Donna Cross on the subject of "How is technology use transforming children's and adolescents' development and learning" which was the subject of Donna's Churchill Fellow Report, the content of which can be found here.

Donna is a Professor with the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences at the University of Western Australia and the Telethon Kids Institute.

Donna and her co-researchers have been awarded more than $21m in research funding since 1999, including eight NHMRC grants, six ARC grants and 34 WA Health Promotion Foundation research grants.

This funding has supported applied intervention research, including more than 30 large empirical trials, addressing child and adolescent health promotion issues related to mental health, cyber safety, injury control, drug use control and healthy lifestyles. These included two large studies involving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

For her services to children’s health and wellbeing research, Donna received the 2012 WA Australian of the Year Award, and in 2015 was inducted as a Fellow to the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences. Most recently, Donna was awarded a Churchill Fellowship and a 2017 NHMRC Senior Fellowship

The use of digital technology clearly has benefits, not the least of which is immediate access via the Internet to everything society currently knows. These benefits however, are related to a child’s developmental stage, his/her temperament and other characteristics, how and where the technology is used and its content and design. This fellowship found that digital technology use does appear to:

  1. increase opportunities for social connection and support
  2. provide some scaffolding to build children’s language skills when used with adult interaction
  3. enhance some children’s ability to maintain attention
  4. improve children’s visual-spatial capabilities
  5. enable the scanning of large amounts of information to identify details
  6. provide access health promotion messages and support networks
  7. raise awareness of current issues and promote community engagement
  8. increase some children’s / adolescents’ reaction times

This list of potentially positive outcomes contrasts with possible negative effects through childhood to late adolescence as a result of problematic (mostly excessive) digital technology use including:

  1. cognitive, language and social/emotional delays
  2. poor executive function (impulse control, self regulation, mental flexibility) and rapid shifts in attention affecting information processing and attention span
  3. sleep problems
  4. higher incidence of depression
  5. unhealthy body weight, including obesity
  6. physical inactivity
  7. ‘Super’ peer – normative (desirable) influence for alcohol use/overuse, illicit substance use, high risk sexual behaviours and other harmful behaviours such as self harm and disordered eating
  8. loss of privacy / confidentiality
  9. provision of inaccurate information
  10. exposure to inappropriate and unsafe content or contacts.

It will be important for future research to investigate the best ways to maximise the benefits and prevent or reduce the potential harms of digital technology to guide national and international, laws, policy and practice. 


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New Rotary Info Web Site

Launched today is our fun new website "whatisrotary.com". Designed to provide all those answers about Rotary in an easy to read environment.

Check it out and share it amongst people who have expressed interest in Rotary.

Congratulations to Ben Andrews for all his hard work in getting this web site off the ground.


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Canadian Visitors

Last night we welcomed some Canadian visitors to the club. Guests of Marilyn and Peter Gregory were June and Roger Painter. 

June and Roger hail from Vancouver Island and are members of the Rotary Club of South Cowichan, Mill Bay. Vancouver Island.

June and Roger are in Perth visiting their Daughter and her family.

Shown accepting the Banner from Roger Painter is President Tony and Roger's host, Peter Gregory.

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Huiyen Siaw – NYSF Attendee

Last night we were privileged to hear from Huiyen Siaw whom the club sponsored to attend the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF).

What a fabulous presentation from a scientist of the future. SDRC is proud to have sponsored Huiyen and look forward to reading about her achievements in the science journals in years to come.

Here is the text of Huiyen's speech to the club.

Hi everyone, my name is Huiyen and today, I am speaking about my experience at the National Youth Science Forum. The National Youth Science Forum, or NYSF is a non-profit organisation that runs a number of science outreach activities. It’s flagship Year 12 Program runs in January each year. The program runs for 12 days, where participants stay on campus at the host university and gain significant insights into the variety of study and career opportunities available across science, technology, engineering and maths (or STEM) fields. 

This year, NYSF had 3 different sessions, two in Canberra and the first ever session held in Brisbane. I was one of the lucky ones who was able to attend the Brisbane session staying at the University of Queensland. When thinking of how I should present my experience to the rotary club, I decided that instead of showing you the hundreds of photos I took during the program, I made a short 4 minute video, documenting some of the activities I did during my time at NYSF.

The camp was absolutely one of the best experiences of my life. Throughout the 12 days in Brisbane, I got the chance meet, connect and make meaningful bonds with so many like minded peers which I wouldn't have had the opportunity to do so otherwise. I can now say that I have friends across all of the states in Australia. 

I was exposed to such a variety of STEM topics, from an physicist talking about the physics behind jewellery making along with combing STEM with art to a palaeontologist talking about how he discovered 21 different species of dinosaur footprints in WA. I went from visiting an Algae farm; learning about how different types of algae could help in acting as a supplement of protein and a replacement for fossil fuels to visiting a quantum dynamics lab learning about the fundamentals of quantum physics and how photons could help in improving our encryption systems. 

However, not everything was just about STEM, we also had evening activities like learning how to swing dance and dressing up in costumed for our science themed disco. During the science dinner, apart from just getting a one on one to talk to professionals working in STEM fields, I also got the opportunity to listen to a speech made the 2017 Australian of the Year, Professor Alan Mackay-Sim, on how his research on the regenerating capabilities of olfactory stem cells helped a paraplegic Polish man to walk again.

The NYSF experience was truly once in a lifetime and I want to thank the Rotary Club of Southern Districts, for funding and supporting me to go to NYSF. I also want to say a special thank you to Nancy for being so accommodating throughout the whole NYSF process. I hope that after hearing my presentation, the club will continue to support future students to go to this amazing program. 

Hui Yen.

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District Conference at Margaret River

DISTRICT CONFERENCE 2018 16-18 March 2018

The Rotary Club of Margaret River will host the 2018 District Conference and invites you to visit this wonderful part of Western Australia for a fabulous Rotary experience. Margaret River is known for its craft breweries, boutique and world renown wineries. Beaches and surf breaks line the nearby coast, whose waters host migratory whales from June to November. Stretching between 2 lighthouses north and south of the town, the long-distance Cape to Cape Track fringes the limestone caves and sea cliffs of Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park.

Margaret River is a popular destination all year round which results in competition for accommodation and services. As a result the Rotary Conference has a limit on the number of attendees.

INSPIRING LINE-UP OF PRESENTERS – there is an excellent list of presenters scheduled for the conference.

Registrations will be accepted up to the level of capacity of the venue: thus Rotarians and guests are encouraged to register as soon as possible. Credit Card On-Line payment forms part of the registration process.

REGISTER HERE: http://e.mybookingmanager.com/E21321182362790  You are encouraged to book accommodation ASAP as rooms in town are going fast. It would be good to have more Southern Districts Rotarians attend this year. 

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Join us at the Shine On Awards

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Thanks to MG Kailis

At our Christmas function we were fortunate enough to run a couple of raffles designed to help fund the Rotary Club so that we can keep doing wonderful things on behalf of the community.

Prizes included fresh crayfish and chef services which were donated by club members, but a special shoutout goes to MG Kailis who donated 5KG of large raw Exmouth Tiger Prawns as part of one of the prizes which is destined to become a degustation dinner. Our thanks to Rotarian Ken Glasson for arranging this.

Make sure you get to MG Kailis for all your seafood needs over the festive season, this company has supported Rotary, so we should return the favour.


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