Family Night at SDRC

Left to Right: David Bartlett, Louise Hopper, Jill Dutt, Rennae Syme, Michelle Supper, Tayla McDonald, Luke Sanders and Host for the night Carlton D’Souza.

What a fabulous meeting we had. We were delighted to have seven Children and Grandchildren of members to talk about their relationship with their parent/grandparent.

All spoke with a passion about the good and funny things that they enjoy about their Dads, Granddads and Step Dads. Members and guest were delighted to hear things they did not know. Rennae Syme even had a slide show of photos.

Tayla McDonald, Ric and Alison’s granddaughter, thanked the club for sponsoring her for Short TermExchange…. Tayla is off to Osaka in Japan early in December 2018.

We feel that in a few weeks we should have some relatives along who aren't so gushing about their Rotarian parent/grandparent smiley

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Our newest Rotarian

Southern Districts Rotary was delighted tonight to welcome our newest member Taonga Chintu as a Rotarian. Taonga is a medical receptionist who is taking some time away from her profession to look after her 3 year old daughter. It was lovely to see Taonga’s Partner Jethro who had come along to support her tonight. We are confident that with her bright and bubbly personality Taonga will prove to be an excellent Rotarian.

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Blanket Delivery to Perth Homeless Support

Michelle and Andy today delivering 150 blankets to Perth Homeless Support on behalf of the Rotary Club of Southern Districts.

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Thanks from Dr. Peter Arthur

The email below was sent to PDG Phil by Dr. Peter Arthur thanking the club not only for the funding we provide through the Helen Hoskins Scholarship to the School of Molecular Sciences, but also for the opportunity for Zahra to be able to present on the achievements she had made.

Hello Phil,
I would like to thank you and the members of the Rotary Club of Southern Districts for your hospitality last week. Both Zahra and myself enjoyed the event and appreciated the wine (or beer Zahra’s case) and dinner.
I very much appreciate the opportunity that you gave Zahra through the Helen Hosking Scholarship. This scholarship is important because it gives students a chance to find out whether they are interested in pursuing a research career.
I would also like to thank the club for giving Zahra an opportunity to present. From my perspective, this was a valuable training opportunity for Zahra to develop good communication skills. Zahra found it challenging to put together a presentation that communicated what we are trying to do in clear and understandable way – we went through several versions. I hope you found Zahra’s presentation interesting.
Regards, Peter
Dr. Peter G. Arthur

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Qantas Donates Blankets

A fortnight ago, Rotarians Peter and Marilyn Gregory collected a large number of blankets, which had been donated by Qantas.
International Director Peter and Marilyn made the trip to South Guildford to collect the airline blankets. As can be seen from the photos, their car was full to the brim.

Decisions are ongoing to determine the recipients of these blankets. Thank you Qantas.

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Committee Meetings on Tuesday Night

Get your thinking gear into action as we have Committee meetings this Tuesday evening. Rotarians making a difference.

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Brightwater speaks to Southern Districts Rotary

Next Tuesday (24th) we have some fabulous speakers for you. For those of you who weren't aware. SDRC joined with Prof Lyn Beazley in a 50/50 partnership to create the $100,000 Lyn Beazley Scholarship for a PhD student to work at Brightwater's Oats Street Brain Injury Facility.

Fiona Allanson has completed her PhD and is coming to the club on Tuesday to discuss her findings.

Our guests will be:

Jennifer Lawrence – Chief Executive Officer, Brightwater Care Group

Janet Wagland – General Manager, Community, Brightwater Care Group

Fiona Allanson – UWA PhD Student, and recipient of Brightwater’s Lyn Beazley Scholarship

The topic of the two talks are:

Fiona Allanson – “The relationship between thinking skills and daily functioning in adults with brain injuries”

Janet Wagland – “Influence of type of stroke on outcomes and service planning in a post-acute / community rehabilitation setting”

Make sure you come along. This will be a fascinating evening.

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Changeover Dinner June 2018

On Tuesday night we said farewell to now Past President Tony and congratulated him on a successful year as President and we welcomed new President Simon.

A vocal, yet enthusiastic crowd of over 70 people came to dinner to celebrate the year that has been and the year that is yet to come.

Thanks to Ric McDonald, we have a fabulous video for you all to see.

Click here to see the video.

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Changeover Dinner Invitation

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Australian Rotary Health Forum – Young Minds Matter

Australian Rotary Health Address and Cocktail Party. Lifting the lid on mental illness – Young Minds Matter. Thanks to HBF for being a major sponsor.

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